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Our event pages serve as a platform to inform potential attendees: the purpose of your event and its expected learning outcomes, time and location, presenter(s) information, pricing, and more. The events we host and promote are, by nature, about connections. By providing a colorful and engaging description of your event, you can boost attendance, make new connections, and strengthen old ones.

The information you provide/submit will be utilized by our team to create an event and registration page. You will be given an opportunity to review the event and registration pages for revisions prior to making the event ‘live’. Once all revisions have been made, your event page will go ‘live’ – meaning it will be locatable on our event calendar and open to receive registrations.

Our customizable online registration forms allow you to collect participant information that will help you give attendees a great learning experience. Participants can register for your events quickly using our secure online registration system. Information collected by our online registration system will remain confidential and will not be sold to third parties.

We work closely with our Merchant Service Provider to help promote and grow your business. We can accept registration payments, in several different currencies, via credit, debit, and electronic payments allowing for quick, seamless transactions.

Our website is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certified. This means our website helps to protect sensitive information such as logins, passwords, account details and card holders. This added level of protection prevents with participant information being tampered with or stolen. Participants can rest assured that what they register for your event, all information will be kept safe and not sold to third-party services

Each scheduled event will have an event roster. The event roster will contain participant information collected during the registration process. Upon registration, each attendee will receive a confirmation email from CAI containing a paid invoice and additional training information.

Additional registration support provided includes monitoring registrations, payment statuses, and how close you are to reaching maximum capacity. Event rosters will be provided to event trainers/presenters to engage participants before, during and after the event.


The most effective way to promote your event is through coordinated campaigns across various marketing channels. Each event scheduled will receive a customized email highlighting your upcoming event, its details, and provide a link for easy registration. Prior to sending, we will email you a draft of the email for revisions, modifications and suggestions. Once all changes have been made, you will receive a final version which you may forward on to your friends and contacts.

Your event will be featured in our e-newsletter and sent to our growing list of contacts. In addition to being sent to our contact list, the email will be promoted on our various social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Our team will create social media posts that heighten your brand, provide information about your offerings or services, and make space for the opportunity to connect with people.

In addition to crafting social media posts tailored to your event(s), we will promote your offerings and services via our social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Affiliate members are encouraged to post content onto the Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s website. Besides building a following, great articles will also get shared via The Center for Appreciative Inquiry, and its affiliate brands (Company of Experts, Department Chair Institute, and Leadership Development Institute), social media channels leading to improved visibility. These shares will speed up the growth of your brand while also driving traffic to your member profile, inviting comments on your post, and encouraging conversation on social media sites – further establishing social proof of the legitimacy of your content, increasing your rank in search engine results pages, and could lead to great networking or sales opportunities.

We can help showcase your name, title, company, and logo on videos to be used for promotion, training and instruction, and branding by offering videos editing services.


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