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What is Appreciative Inquiry Certification? Appreciative Inquiry certification indicates that you have met specific requirements designed to advance and deepen your knowledge and skills in theory, processes, and application of Appreciative Inquiry. It demonstrates to others that you use industry-respected best practices and possess the knowledge, experience and education to effectively help individuals, teams, organizations, and communities achieve their success.


Since 1989, The Center for Appreciative Inquiry (CAI) has been a leader in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Trainings and Certification. Thousands of individuals, teams, organizations and communities have participated in one of The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s workshops, gaining AI expertise as well as personal and professional fulfillment. Benefits of earning an appreciative inquiry certification include:

Certified Appreciative Inquiry members have the option of creating a public profile on The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s directory. Your directory profile provides instant credibility and increased visibility to prospective clients and the AI Community. Directory profiles are easy to edit and allow you to quickly update information to reflect changes in your business (e.g. new products or services, testimonials, videos, latest publication, etc.).  Because our member profiles receive high page ranks in Google, maintaining your directory profile is a good way to shape what people see when they search for you and your business.

Brand building is a vital part of any business plan, and a well-managed member profile can serve as a flagship for your brand. Keeping your member profile current builds your brand bit by bit, increasing your reputation and gradually building the trust of your potential clients through timely, relevant and interesting posts. Your brand is how you identify with your customer base, both future and current, and our Appreciative Inquiry Certification Directory provides a perfect way to shape that brand the way you want.

Certified members are encouraged to post content onto the Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s website. Besides building a following, great articles will also get shared via The Center for Appreciative Inquiry, and its affiliate brands (Company of Experts, Department Chair Institute, and Leadership Development Institute), social media channels leading to improved visibility. These shares will speed up the growth of your brand while also driving traffic to your member profile, inviting comments on your post, and encouraging conversation on social media sites – further establishing social proof of the legitimacy of your content, increasing your rank in search engine results pages, and could lead to great networking or sales opportunities.


It’s easy to get stuck in the same social circles. Branching out and meeting new professionals exposes you to new ideas and gives the opportunity to meet others who may be able to help your career in the future. The Appreciative Inquiry Certification Directory will help you to build a network of useful contacts. Search the Appreciative Inquiry Certification Directory to reveal experts and service providers. If you do not personally know the individual, you can connect with them directly from their profile page.



The Center for Appreciative Inquiry offers several certification courses. The curricula, learning outcomes, course hours, and certification requirements differ for each course. Although the requirements may differ, the path to appreciative inquiry certification is consistent.


The Center for Appreciative Inquiry maintains high standards for Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators, Coaches, Practitioners and Trainers worldwide. There are several certification options available to choose from.

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