Using Appreciative Inquiry & Hands On Training ToInspire Positive Change In Individuals And Organizations

How May We Guide You

Our trainings, workshops, and consulting projects are designed and delivered by experienced Appreciative Inquiry Professionals who focus on the strengths of individuals, groups, and organizations. By utilizing the existing talents, strengths and resources, our clients move from a problem-focus mindset to one of innovation and possibility.

I’m An Organization, Group, Or Community And Could Use Help With:

  • Training and Consulting Solutions for my group, organization, or community
  • Creating an environment where engagement, respect, trust and accountability flourish
  • Tackling unrelenting technological changes, business/educational challenges, and local community issues while supporting business goals and vision
  • Reducing long term training & operational costs by implementing strategic initiatives as on-going processes.

I’m An Individual And Could Use Help With:

  • Learning how to make a positive difference for myself and/or others
  • Discovering and amplifying my strengths
  • Cultivating new possibilities for personal and/or professional advancement

Who We Work With

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry delivers affordable, highly-experiential trainings and workshops that help individuals, groups and organizations create systems and structures that support social awareness, promote learning, increase creativity, and invite possibility and enthusiasm within human systems.







A Focus On Strengths

For over 30 years, The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s approach to excellence has revolved around a simple idea: build upon the individual’s and organization’s strengths. Every person, team and community has something that works right and is vital and effective. Our interactive training begins by identifying this positive core and connecting to it in ways that heighten energy, sharpen vision, and inspire action for change.

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