Creating Smoother and More Successful Transformation

Posted: October 23, 2023

Creating Smoother and More Successful Transformation is a Growing Imperative

Whole sectors, entire organizations, and most individuals are mired in challenges and changes today. It’s at a scale and scope we have not seen in decades, and it means creating smoother and more successful transformation is a growing imperative. Achieving effective progress toward something new is possible with an approach to fostering positive change in yourself and others.

Understanding people and the systems they engage with is a rewarding endeavor. One way to unlock their potential is by adopting an appreciative approach that centers on “what’s working” and envisions “what might be.” This tried-and-true, people-centered approach encourages active involvement, motivation, and focus on the positive aspects of change. This occurs when we channel our thoughts and conversations towards individual and organizational strengths and assets as a springboard for change, rather than dwelling on weaknesses and deficits.

Leaders in business, community development, and educational, governmental, and nonprofit organizations who thoughtfully inquire into the best of “what is,” will be better able to create the container where confidence and energy can develop and flourish. In doing so, they are setting the stage for a level of high performance that’s needed in the modern workplace.

However, leading positive change in your organization requires developing an understanding of Appreciative Inquiry and the skills to use this approach in creating smoother and more successful transformation. This is why we offer our signature course, the virtual Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training or vAIFT©.


We invite you to consider how learning the processes and principles of Appreciative Inquiry will help you amplify and magnify the most positive possibilities for the future with others:

  • Group and Organizational Impact: Creating collective ways of helping others shift their focus toward what’s right and positive in their environment.
  • Strength-Based Problem Solving: Guiding individuals to deeply inquire into what’s right and why, even in challenging situations, by leveraging existing strengths and assets.
  • Positive Change and Innovation: Helping organizations and communities intentionally create more of what’s right which leads to positive change and a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that align with their values and strengths.
  • Improved Team Dynamics: Improving team dynamics by focusing on what’s right in the team and building on the strengths of team members. This approach can foster a more positive and productive work environment.


It’s been said that happiness is an inside job, and likewise, the shift to an appreciative paradigm is one that is also personal. Here are three ways Appreciative Inquiry can assist you in developing your own generative outlook:

Enhancing Personal Well-being: Developing a mindset that focuses on what’s right in your life and work, which can significantly improve your well-being and happiness.

Inquiry and Self-Reflection: Becoming skilled at deeply inquiring into understanding your values, motivations, and the positive aspects of your life to help you make more intentional decisions and actions.

Creating Positive Change: Learning to intentionally set goals and take actions aligned with your values, strengths, and the positive aspects of your life, ultimately leading to personal growth and a more fulfilling life.

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Kelly Stewart is a certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and Conversations Worth Having Trainer. In addition to her work with both organizations, she is founder of The Positive Business, facilitating strategic conversations rooted in Appreciative Inquiry, believing deeply that better results begin with better conversations.

Creating Smoother and More Successful Transformation

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