Interested in becoming certified in Appreciative Inquiry or maintaining your certification?

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry awards certification to individuals and teams who participate in strength-based courses offered through the Center, its affiliates, and other Appreciative Inquiry Training providers to become a Facilitator (AIFT/vAIFT), Coach (AICT), Practitioner (AIPT), or Trainer (TtT).

1. Certification Through the Center for Appreciative Inquiry*

  • Complete an AI training in its entirety (all training hours must be earned) in either AIFT, AICT, AIPT or TtT. Note our AIFT program is now being held virtually (vAIFT).
  • Submit a practicum and any supporting documents for certification within one year of completing the training.
  • *Please note: Supervised Practicum Mentorship, AI Certification review, AI Directory listing costs and use of The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s Certification logo are included in the Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s registration training fees.

2. Certification Through Other Appreciative Inquiry Training Providers

Individuals who completed a workshop/training by another Appreciative Inquiry Provider may earn their Appreciative Inquiry Certification (AIFT, AICT, or AIPT) with the Center for Appreciative Inquiry by providing:

  • Certificate, letter, or email on letterhead issued from the provider with the name of the training/workshop, date, and the amount of training hours completed;
  • Letter that provides a detailed description of the curriculum (training syllabus, summary, email, etc.);
  • A written narrative (practicum) and any supporting documents of your work in the field of Appreciative Inquiry. Practicum requirements vary based on the Ai course completed – for each course requires participants to demonstrate a different set of skills and knowledge.
  • Certification Application fee of $500.00 USD. This fee includes a(n):
    • Practicum review by a panel of seasoned Appreciative Inquiry practitioners. It is standard practice for the panel to engage you in a conversation about your work once you have submitted your practicum. Typically, they will respond with questions, to deepen their and your mutual understanding of and learning about AI. The practicum review is therefore a dialogical and interactive process;
    • Appreciative Inquiry Certification document that will be emailed to you for your records;
    • Center for Appreciative Inquiry Certification logo that you are welcome to embed on your website or include in your email signature;
    • Listing on our Appreciative Inquiry Directory. Your AI Directory listing is an editable profile page that includes your photo and professional biography that highlights your specialties, articles, videos and testimonials. Learn more about the benefits of our AI Directory here.

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