Technical Requirements


Our online programs blend synchronous (live, virtual sessions hosted through Zoom) and asynchronous (assigned reading and activities outside of class time) learning. You do not need to have the newest computer or fastest internet connection to actively participate in the course; however, we do recommend a general comfort level and familiarity with computers, the internet, and video conferencing software (e.g., Zoom).

Listed below are the minimum technical requirements needed to participate in an online appreciative inquiry training course with The Center for Appreciative Inquiry.


Our experiential courses consist of text, graphics, audio, video, and discussion forums to deepen understanding, boost retention, and support application. To actively participate in the training’s chats, small and large group discussions, and exercises, we recommend accessing the course and its materials from a laptop or desktop computer.

The training’s success depends on the interaction of all participants with one another and tablets and phones do not allow you to fully immerse yourself in each synchronous (Zoom) session. Please refrain from using your mobile device for synchronous sessions as it will prevent you from participating in the activities and exercises.


Your laptop or computer desktop will need the following technical requirements to engage in the synchronous (live Zoom sessions) and asynchronous learning (LearnDash, The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s Learning Management System). Take a moment to read each requirement below to ensure your computer/laptop has the capacities needed to maximize your learning.

  • Wireless Internet (3G or 4G/LTE); and/or
  • Broadband internet – minimum bandwidth is 600kps (down) and 1.2Mbps. If you will be using broadband internet and wish to check your internet’s speed, please visit
  • Built-in or USB plug-in microphones and speakers can be used for online courses. To minimize background noise, it is recommended that participants use a USB headset or earbuds during the synchronous sessions.
  • Built-in or USB plug-in webcams can be used for online courses.

The synchronous sessions can be supported by the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 or later; Windows Vista and XP; macOS X with macOS 10.9 or later.

To participate in the Zoom sessions, you will need to access Zoom from the web. The following browsers are supported by Zoom: Windows: iE7+, Firefox. Chrome, and Safari5+; Mac: Safari7+. Firefox, and Chrome; Linux: Firefox and Chrome.


We want your online learning experience to be seamless, fun, and engaging and have incorporated a variety of tools, platforms, and features to increase engagement, collaboration, networking, and learning. Please take a moment to note the contact information below should you encounter any technical difficulties.


Zoom’s Support Center operates 24 hours a day. Due to increased use resulting from the Coronavirus, Zoom has experienced a surge in support requests. To expedite its support service, Zoom has several online resources that you can access that provides answers and solutions to the most common questions and technical issues experienced. You can access Zoom’s free resources here:


The asynchronous portions of our online courses are delivered on LearnDash, a learning management system (LMS).To help orient you to our online platform, we have created a YouTube playlist containing a series of short videos designed to help you navigate the online platform and demonstrate its features to help maximize your learning experience.


If you have difficulty logging into your LearnDash account on the Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s website, please contact Kathy Becker at

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