Strategic Planning

Imagine a strategic planning process that engages stakeholders in using organizational strengths and successes to discover the best of what is, envision what the organization could become, construct the ideal design to enable fruition of the goals, and adjust practices to create sustainable positive change (generic process of AI). Think it’s just a dream?

For many Fortune 500, non-profit, educational, social service, faith-based, and government entities around the world, this dream is a reality (video demonstrating how AI is used in Strategic Planning). These innovative leaders have successfully replaced outdated, top-down strategic planning processes that result in identification of performance gaps with an Appreciative Inquiry(AI) strategic planning process (view AI strategic planning outline) that focusing on best practices, achievements, and successes.

By taking strategic planning out of the Boardroom, and engaging in a cooperative search for the best in the organization and staff, Appreciative Inquiry strategic planning becomes an exciting adventure into endless possibilities.

At the heart of Appreciative Inquiry, is an energizing and inclusive design that fosters creativity through the art of positive inquiry. AI’s invigorating process comes alive through conversation, shared values, and collective visioning.

Using an Appreciative Inquiry approach helps answer the question of “what are we being called to do?” It also acknowledges that the questions asked determine the data found and the results discovered, so it intentionally focuses on discovering strengths, opportunities, and potential.

Engaging in whole system inquiry provides clarity, strengthens relationships, builds new skills, promotes leadership, and nurtures a culture of continuous inquiry and learning:

“We are listening to one another with openness and receptivity. Everyone wants to learn; we want to take on responsibility and have fun at the same time”—Charissa C.

The AI strategic planning process “elevates people [to be] invested in the system – giving each voice equal attention and merit” (Susanne, G.). It also engages stakeholders. “They feel heard and valued; they recognize they have a role and it’s changing them. They’re working harder and making a difference” (Donna J.).

AI strategic planning works because it is flexible and scalable. It can be conducted with any size group, up to and including 4,000+ people (The Macon Miracle), and it can be customized:

I think the most exciting part of Strategic Planning using Appreciative Inquiry with 4,000 employees and community stakeholders was the fact that everyone had an opportunity to provide insight and take ownership in order to create the plan” (cited from our chapter in an upcoming book about the use of Appreciative Inquiry in school. Tentatively scheduled to be published by 2013).

The results of Appreciative Inquiry strategic planning are endless. Our Company of Experts has helped organizations like yours use AI to reduce resistance, improve the quality and speed in which goals are actualized, identify resources vital to the success of the plan, and develop measurement indicators to monitor progress. We have proven that when stakeholders can dream, it “creates a critical mass of people who believe they really can change. The result is we are doing it”.

YOU can do it too! As international world experts in Appreciative Inquiry strategic planning, we have helped organizations around the world achieve the results they desire.

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