Appreciative Inquiry: Train the Trainer Program

Transform Your Impact: Become An Appreciative Inquiry Trainer

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry invites experienced trainers, coaches, consultants, and facilitators to become certified in delivering our Appreciative Inquiry Trainings and Workshops. Certified trainers will lead workshops across sectors such as business, community, non-profit, and education, focusing on dialogue, collaboration, and thriving human systems.

We seek energetic individuals committed to fostering growth and development as internal facilitators and contributing to a better world community. If you are dedicated to human systems flourishing and active in the AI community, you may be an ideal fit for this program.

Steps to Becoming a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Trainer

Our Appreciative Inquiry trainings are unique, intensive, and highly interactive, consistently receiving rave reviews. They facilitate profound personal, professional, and leadership transformations in diverse organizations. Becoming a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Trainer is a special opportunity, and we are looking for individuals who recognize the importance of this work.

Step 1: Demonstrate Appreciative Inquiry Knowledge, Experience, and Application

Certified Appreciative Inquiry Trainers must exhibit expertise in their courses and continually gain new knowledge. To apply, you must meet one of the following prerequisites:

1. Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT): Successfully complete the AIFT and submit your practicum, demonstrating your application of AI principles; or

2. Appreciative Inquiry Foundations Course: Complete a foundations course (minimum 26 classroom hours) and submit documentation of your AI journey, including examples of your work and experiences, to be reviewed by AI practitioners.

Step 2: Pre-Observation Planning and Preparation

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry adopts a collaborative training observation model, fostering mutual trust and respect. Before the training, the trainee and Certified Lead Trainer (CLT) should hold at least one pre-observation planning meeting to discuss logistics, goals, and curricula. This includes, but is not limited to:

Review Training Materials: Go through training materials and exercises with the CLT, making necessary revisions and assigning teaching sections.

Allocating Responsibilities: Divide training responsibilities such as marketing, venue liaison, event contact, catering, and printing.

Budget Collaboration and Decision-Making: Work together to create a training budget, determining expenses, income, and participant pricing to ensure the training is financially viable.

Step 3: Training Observation Program

During the co-delivery of an Appreciative Inquiry workshop, the CLT observes the trainee. This program aims to make trainees more reflective and intentional trainers by providing constructive feedback. Key aspects include:

Observation and Feedback: The CLT observes your facilitation, providing real-time feedback on your teaching style and methods.

Reflective Practice: Engage in reflective practice to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Growth and Development: Use the feedback to develop new strategies and approaches for future training sessions.

Step 4: Daily Reflections and Post-Training Review

After each training day, reflect on your teaching, the training environment, curricula, and participants. Make necessary notes. Post-training, meet with the CLT to discuss reflections, notes, questions, and recommendations. Key activities include:

Daily Reflections: Reflect on each day’s sessions, noting what worked well and areas for improvement.

Post-Training Review: Conduct a thorough review with the CLT to discuss insights and feedback.

Step 5: Submit Practicum for Certification

Write and submit a practicum documenting your experience in designing, coordinating, and facilitating an AI training. This practicum will be reviewed by a panel of seasoned AI practitioners. Steps include:

Practicum Submission: Document your training experience and submit it for review.

Certification Awarded: Upon approval, you will receive your Appreciative Inquiry Training Certification and be welcomed to our growing community of AI trainers.

Ready to Become a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Trainer?

All applicants for the Certified Appreciative Inquiry Trainer Program must schedule a meeting to discuss their knowledge and experience in Appreciative Inquiry, as well as their hopes and vision for this work. Schedule your meeting today!

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