Path to Appreciative Inquiry Certification

Navigating the Path to Appreciative Inquiry Certification

Becoming a certified Appreciative Inquiry (AI) professional involves a series of structured steps designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in this transformative approach. Here’s how you can achieve your certification:

Image illustrates the path to appreciative inquiry certification by listing the six steps: 1. register, 2. appreciative inquiry training, 3. take action, 4. practicum, 5. review, and 6. certification.


Begin by finding a certification course offered by The Center for Appreciative Inquiry. Select a program that aligns with your learning objectives and professional goals. Registration will secure your spot in the training and provide you with the necessary materials to get started.


Engage fully in the training sessions, which include interactive discussions and practical activities. This hands-on approach is designed to help you meet certification requirements while accumulating the necessary classroom hours.


Apply the skills and practices learned during your training to a real-life situation. This phase allows you to deepen your understanding of AI by conducting your own AI engagement, with ongoing support and guidance from experienced trainers.


Reflect on your AI engagement by writing a practicum (narrative). Document the highlights, discoveries, and lessons learned during your application of AI principles. This practicum serves as a comprehensive account of your experience and growth.


Submit your practicum for review by a panel of AI practitioners. The panel will evaluate your narrative, provide constructive feedback, and offer guidance. Those who meet all the certification requirements will be awarded certification.


Upon successful completion of all steps, you will receive your certification. This credential signifies your expertise in Appreciative Inquiry and grants you global recognition as a certified AI professional. Enjoy the benefits and opportunities that come with being part of a growing community of AI practitioners.

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