Leadership in Appreciative Inquiry: Diana Whitney

Posted: May 2, 2012

‘Every organisation needs a positive revolution’.  With this strong statement – a variation on the great Thomas Jefferson quote – renowned AI consultant and author Diana Whitney opens her keynote. She explains: “In an era where we need co-creativity, Appreciative Inquiry just fits very well. Leaders nowadays worry about questions like: ‘How do I engage our people? And our customers?’, ‘How do I build bridges?’ AI helps with exactly those questions.”

“A quote from one of my teachers that I always remembered is: “Learn to live and work in the energetically positive. Understand and do what gives life to the people.” And that to me is exactly what AI is about: we focus on those things that enhance energy, vitality, wellbeing to a system.”

Leadership is very important to the AI process. To Diana, “Leadership is a story of why things happen, (or not)… It is not about a person.” She has the audience reflect on leadership in AI processes and key elements that characterized it. After a few minutes of buzzing, she collect some of the words.  “Letting go of egos, trust, being AI, …” She embraces the words that the audience comes up with: “It is important to continually enrich our vocabulary of leadership.” Read Full Article>>

Leadership in Appreciative Inquiry: Diana Whitney

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