Macon Miracle Update

Posted: October 18, 2011

The excitement from the crowd at the Macon Centreplex was palpable as more than 4,200 community members, parents, teachers, Board members, local businesses, and dignitaries from Macon, Georgia convened on October 10, 2011, to complete part two of a two-day appreciative inquiry strategic planning summit designed to reinvent Bibb County School District and ensure that every student flourishes.

Superintendent Dr. Romain Dallemand envisions becoming the best school district in the nation. Deemed the “Macon Miracle,” Dr. Dallemand contracted with several facilitators from the Center for Appreciative Inquiry to reinvent the school system by hosting a two-day appreciative inquiry summit.

During the first day, held on September 19, 2011, more than 4,000 participants met to collaboratively discover the best of “what is” in order to create a shared image of their preferred future. They interviewed each other and shared stories about peak experiences, strengths, and opportunities to discover their positive core. By developing bold possibility statements, and then sharing them with each other, the participants began to envision a future state where every child succeeds.

On day two of the summit, held October 10, 2011, participants reconvened to identify methods to bring their future dreams to life. They developed strategic proposals to bridge the best of “what is” with their ideas of “what can be.” Each of the strategic proposals included key concepts necessary for successful implementation. As participants shared their proposals with each other, the excitement and energy in the arena grew exponentially. In the final activity, participants began designing the action items and ideas that would be necessary to bring their dreams into fruition.  Together, along with input from the students, Dr. Dallemand and his leadership team will finalize their five-year strategic plan early next year.

Kimberley Seitz, PhD
An Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator on behalf of Company of Experts, Inc. for the ‘Macon Miracle’ project.
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Macon Miracle Update

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