Words Create Worlds ® – August 2010 Newsletter

Posted: August 25, 2010

We each feel so fortunate to be working in a business where each day brings us into contact with friends. Not customers or clients but friends. We hear your stories of success and your challenges that life and work bring to you. We receive letters and phone calls offering us suggestions about how we may improve what we do and what we offer. Each recommendation is genuine and personal and we value each one of you who take the time to help us as we grow and develop.

We never know who we will hear from or when but we love knowing how you are. So, never hesitate to call or write. We are doing a lot of social networking these days so that we have resources and information available to as many people as possible. We all do things differently. For some a phone call is the preferred communication and for others it is Face Book. We will keep reaching out and hope to have you reach out and let us know how you are doing and what you might want more of.

Sometimes our friends have a tough time and that is the case for Linda Watkins. Linda is an Expert on Call, and a former community college president. Linda has been very active with Achieving the Dream Colleges. She is a wonderfully, warm and compassionate person. We heard from her that her husband John passed away on August 9th following an allergic reaction to medication. We send our deepest sympathy to Linda and her daughters.


Words Create Worlds ® – August 2010 Newsletter

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