Words Create Worlds ® – January 2012 Newsletter

Posted: January 13, 2012

Have you made your New Years Resolution yet?

In November, I had the great opportunity to work with an NGO in Eastern Africa. What a team! They work long hours and face circumstances that are unimaginable to so many of us.  The caring, compassion and commitment is not only to the people they work with but also to each other. The amazing energy of their offices, their conversations and of their playful times was a joy to behold. The chief executive officer and human resources director are immensely caring and passionate people who recognize that time together is finite and how we live each moment reflects upon us, upon our soul. It is what brings us to the next level of our being. Knowing that the mind, body connection is so integral to each employees well-being, they have twice weekly yoga and salsa dancing. Their office space is open and light-filled, lunch is provided each day. Participation is all voluntary but the space for joining together and reflection is within reach and encouraged.

On the long flight home, I made my resolution to spend more time in the moment and more time with the people and things that mean so much to me.  Some energizing moments will just happen. Others will require planning and scheduling.  I need to keep my energy open for those moments and seize them. I also need to create the space and make it happen. Both/and.

Today, was one of those both/and times for us in the office. While I will not compare our work to that of my friends in Eastern Africa, we have some similarities in our sense of the world and our place in it. I had made a commitment to provide space for more play and reflection at work. One of those fun things is Friday Film Fest. Suddenly, the calendar filled up – and it looked like the first fest may fizzle. Creatively reconfiguring the calendar we were able to fulfill our commitment to others and enjoy our film.


Words Create Worlds ® – January 2012 Newsletter

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