Words Create Worlds ® – May 2015 Newsletter

Posted: May 28, 2015

Just in awe…

I know all of you teachers, trainers, facilitators and AI Practitioners have experienced one of those high energy moments, and just felt “How lucky I am to be here at this time, with these great people and doing this amazing work”. Can you recall a time where you were just awed by the experience? If I am honest, I feel that way always when I am using AI these days – have the times changed or have I?

Recently I was co-training with Jim Pulliam and Melissa Robaina – and everyone was feeling it. You could feel it and hear it in the stories they were sharing, in the trust, the depth, the focus on each other. On day four of our Ai Facilitator Training, I was asked if it would be okay to share a poem at the start of the day. Don’t you just love it when people want to make the training their own? I had no idea what we were in for.

It was more like a one-man show as he slowly stood, looked around the room, and with the grace and command of Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain he filled the room with his presence and began the most beautiful rendition of ” Song Before Breakfast” by Ogden Nash from memory – no notes!

In our silence, we all connected deeper as we were pulled into our own complex emotions through his tender words, the inflection in his voice and the intensity of his eyes. When he was finished we sat silent and reflected. He told us the story and importance of this poem to him.  As a youngster his father would wake him just after daylight each morning and recite the poem with passion and bravado as he had just now. He pulled open the blinds and begin “Hopeful each morning I arise” through to the closing “If I should fail you, do not sorrow; I’ll be a better man tomorrow”. His gift to his son, and all these years later a gift to friends who just yesterday were strangers.


Words Create Worlds ® – May 2015 Newsletter

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