Words Create Worlds ® – October 2015 Newsletter

Posted: October 29, 2015

Summer. Spring. Winter. Fall.  When you think of the seasons, which one draws you to it? What is it about that season? What is your best experience there? What were you doing and who were you with? Does where you live affect your perception of the seasons? What could alter or change your perception or thoughts about each season? I am putting forward a notion that Fall is awesome.

Growing up in a beach city in Southern California I don’t remember even thinking about the seasons. When the weather remains fairly constant – seasons really meant school or no school. I loved the beach, the weather and value my visits there even more than when I lived there.

Now. I live in the desert. Fall is my favorite part of the year. After a brutally long and hot summer, the coolness of Fall is so welcome. There is a newness in the air. We can venture out of our summer AC cocoon and venture outside during the day. Gardens are abundant and patios hum with laughter and good times. This is our second spring, they like to say here.

Perceptions change. When we begin new journeys with new experiences and people we open ourselves to new possibilities.  Working with the Center for Appreciative inquiry has given me the skills and the interest to look at each day as though it is an open book (Poetic Principle in Appreciative Inquiry) to foster a fresh perception of each day and the gifts before me. I can open the page, dig in and find the best.


Words Create Worlds ® – October 2015 Newsletter

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