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Posted: December 3, 2008

Congratulations to thirteen newly certified AI Facilitators: Luann Beilfuss, Kirtland Community College; Mary Chatigny, Northern Essex Community College (NECC); Donna Colombo, TechProse; Gillian Gabelmann, Barton County Community College; Ellen Grondine, NECC; Rebecca Heckman, Appreciative Possibilities; Olen Jones, National Community Renaissance; Tom Klaus, Advocates for Youth; Lynda Lloyd, NorthWest Arkansas Community College; Victoria MacDonald, TakeWing; Li Mounce, NWACC; Mary Odima; NWACC, and Randal Thompson, non-profit organization in Iraq.

The AIFT schedule is updated as new trainings are added. You can check our website and click on the events calendar.

For the open AIFT listed below – You can attend a refresher if you like for the cost of materials and food only.

Dates & Locations:
March 2 – 5, 2009 Church of the Holy Cross, Hilo, HI

This WCW has the stories of small and large inquiries facilitated by those who attended our Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training. Some of these individuals attended the AIFT sponsored by their organizations – organizations that are developing new planning models focusing on their strengths. In this edition, we have great stories from some of these organizations.

We are planning our 2009 schedule and are looking for hosts.

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT)
Our successful four-day program designed to train facilitators.

Leadership Development Institute (LDI)
A series of one-half day programs offered on-site to your leadership team. A two-day leadership program based on appreciative inquiry is also available.

Department Chair Institute (DCI)
The DCI has outstanding content and has the same high quality as the AIFT.

If you would like to talk about a program on-site or if you would like to attend one of the trainings, email Kathy@companyofexperts.net or call us at (702) 228-4699. We are looking to add to our schedule currently under development.

New Book on Appreciative Inquiry

Nancy Stetson’s new book is out and available for purchase! Nancy has worked closely with community colleges engaging them and encouraging them to look toward the future and build on their strengths using an Appreciative Inquiry approach.

Stories of Positive Change in the Community College: Appreciative Inquiry in Action published by the Company of Experts, Inc is now available as a soft-cover book and as a download. Nancy captures AI in action and produces outcomes using the stories of community colleges. This translates into an easy to read book that provides step by step answers to How Did They Do That! For more information or to purchase this new book, visit http://www.companyofexperts.net.

Newly Certified AI Facilitators

LUANN BEILFUSS attended the AIFT in Houston, Texas and co-facilitated an appreciative inquiry using all five generic processes. The Core Group identified the positive topic as “Really Terrific Teams.” There was a need to develop a process for strategic planning. The changes in personnel led to the core groups selection of topic for the focus on their strengths.

FOR THE INQUIRY: After a short introduction to Appreciative Inquiry they then the conducted face to face paired interviews. This evolved into a wonderful day of conversations, explorations, dreaming and planning. They identified many Life-Giving Forces and developed three exciting Provocative Propositions.
• We are collaborative in honest, forthright, respectful communications. We choose to pursue excellence by striving to improve understanding through communications.
• We have a challenge for our community. A challenge for you to succeed in a constantly evolving life process. We provide the social, professional and technical services & support needed to succeed in your educational endeavors. This process is provided in a positive, nurturing environment.
• We dedicate our abilities to enhance lives and build futures through guidance, encouragement and instruction.

LUANN REPORTS: Going into the inquiry, I tried to have no expectations and just let the process work. At times, there were moments when the participants started to gravitate toward the negative side of things and instead of intervening, we just let go. Eventually they worked through to changing the negative thoughts into positive thoughts when we kept narrowing down “what do you want more of.” It was great because the process allows the participants to self‐regulate with the facilitators as guides and not as authority figures.

My wish for the day was for it to be full of positive connections and collaboration. I learned that as a facilitator I can do well in analyzing the situation and making a quick, informed decision both alone and with my co‐facilitator. I was able to just trust the process and not take over control when it felt that it was headed out of control. The whole day was a personal best experience for me and I look forward to facilitating more inquiries for the college and others in need of the human component to managing businesses. I strongly believe in the process and the endless opportunities that can flow from it!

LUANN’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: After compiling the information from that day, I sent an email out to everyone who attended and reiterated that while working together as a team the possibilities are endless. I periodically plan on checking in and seeing how things are going. The flowing energy that day was real upbeat and positive. I will continue to celebrate with them on this journey.

LUANN BEILFUSS attended the AIFT at Houston Community College with Nancy Stetson and Lane Glenn as the Trainers/Facilitators. Luann did not have permission from this organization to share their story so we have carefully left out some detail.

MARY CHATIGNY attended the AIFT at Northern Essex Community College (NECC) in Massachusetts. MARY’S inquiry was with a team that had gone through difficult challenges and they wanted to come together as a team prior to a change in leadership.

FOR THE INQUIRY: The positive topic was “Effective Teams” and they held a four hour AI session followed by two additional two hour sessions. They used face-to-face paired interviews to inquire into exceptionally positive moments and identified Life-Giving Forces. The Provocative Propositions that were created from the Life-Giving Forces included:

  • The office is a group of dedicated and motivated individuals that work together to achieve excellent customer service.
  • Through flexibility and collaboration the group will adapt to meet the changing needs of the organization.

Each attendee took the Strengths Quest inventory. During the two additional sessions they reviewed their signature themes and how their individual strengths presented themselves in the work environment. Mary facilitated an open discussion on the Strengths Quest findings and the team established more specific team and individual goals in support of their provocative proposition.

MARY REPORTS: As an outcome, I wished that the inquiry would allow the team to see each other as human beings with similar feelings and needs and not as adversaries out to get one another. My best experience related to facilitating the inquiry, was when they reported back that although the group had worked together for many years, they found out new things about each other and realized that they all wanted the same thing, to feel valued and respected.

MARY’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: I recognized in myself the connectedness I feel and see between all things. I will continue to engage individuals in conversation and question them on how things are going for them. I will reconvene the group after six months to determine whether they see goals being met, both as individuals and as a team, and remind them to celebrate the small successes.

MARY attended the AIFT at Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts with Charles Miller and Jeanie Cockell as the Trainers/Facilitators. Mary did not have permission from this organization to share their story so we have carefully left out some detail.

DONNA COLOMBO attended the AIFT in Walnut Creek, CA. Donna’s practicum was with a newly formed Learning Development team to help them come together to form a sense of we and to begin to put together a shared vision and develop a ‘brand’. The team was comprised of three teams formerly operating as separate organizations. The team members were located in multiple locations in the U. S. and due to company wide budget cuts the onsite conference was rescheduled as a virtual conference. The topics of Teamwork, Communication & Collaboration were developed during two brainstorming sessions with the managers of the team.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Paired interviews were conducted, the pairs introduced each other to the whole group via virtual conference. The interview pairs were selected randomly by type of role to give team members an opportunity to talk with someone that they do not interact with on a daily basis. Teams crafted a list of Life-Giving Forces, a set of Guiding Principles, identified opportunities for Doing More with Less, Provocative Propositions and a set of individual and team commitments and action items once again, over virtual conference. The four teams developed four Provocative Propositions.

DONNA REPORTS: My wish for the team was that they “live in the questions” for three days and at the end of the three days, my invitation was to “continue living the questions” and become an “appreciative” team. My best experience was hearing the outcomes of their group activities and hopes and dreams for the future and to participate in putting together first steps. As a facilitator, I learned to trust the process but also that more time is needed to plan activities for group work via web conference. Activities that may work face-to-face may not work as well in a virtual environment. Additional planning time is preferred for virtual meetings.

DONNA’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: The team will meet monthly to review progress and share stories. Meetings will be virtual for team members that are not at the main site. At the first meeting, the team will decide upon ways to celebrate beyond sharing stories of success. My role as AI facilitator is to ensure that each monthly meeting has success stories and celebrations on the agenda. I will also meet with the stakeholders to do an evaluation of the three days.

DONNA COLOMBO attended the AIFT in Walnut Creek, California with Charles Miller as the Trainer/Facilitator. Donna did not have permission from this organization to share their story so we have carefully left out some detail.

GILLIAN GABELMANN attended the AIFT in Houston, Texas. Gillian worked with a medium size church that had a large core of older members who have been members of the church for a long time There are also a growing number of younger singles and couples who are loosely connected to the church. Their children may attend Sunday school, but they are not regular attendees at services or involved with the small group activities such as choir, adult Sunday school, or women’s or men’s fellowship. For the previous year, a small group of leaders had been meeting as an incubator group to develop a mission and vision for the church. They decided to hold a session with young adults to explore their most positive church experience so they could build on those activities and engage that age group more actively in the life of the church.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Over 50 people were invited to the evening event and 16 attended. They used pairs and then small groups to identify Life Giving Forces. They then broke into three groups to develop Provocative Propositions and create means to follow through with these propositions.

  1. Call or call on visitors to welcome them, invite people to come to church.
  2. Create PI groups. PI (Plug In) are social groups that will engage new members in small social groups, 6-8 people, who will meet for social activities monthly. Every member will be encouraged to be in a group. As groups grow they will divide to keep them small.
  3. Encourage more people to teach Sunday school as we learn by teaching. New teachers take just one Sunday and provide coffee during social hour during Sunday school.

GILLIAN REPORTS: My personal best experience was seeing the energy generated by the process and the new relationships being forged. I have noticed that those who attended seek each other out at church to talk during the fellowship time – especially those who were in a small group. Couples that had not made connections with other couples are now connected.

GILLIAN’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: I am going to recommend that one or more people from the other two groups are invited to participate in the church committees that are relevant to their ideas: the Education Committee and the Welcome team. I will check in with the groups to see how they are progressing with their plans. I also plan to share the outline with the pastor so he can help with the follow up.

GILLIAN GABELMANN attended the AIFT in Houston, Texas with Lane Glenn and Nancy Stetson as the Trainers/Facilitators.

ELLEN GRONDINE attended the AIFT at NECC in Massachusetts. For her inquiry, she worked with a grammar school that wanted to create more effective and welcome communication between the teachers and parents and a positive view of the interaction between teachers and students.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Ellen met with the core group first, and after an introduction to AI and personal reflections regarding when they felt they worked at their best, they created three specific areas where an appreciative approach will be used:

  • Create a team environment and support a culture shift among the faculty and staff within the school where all members of the school community feel welcome and contributions are valued.
  • Develop an opportunity for a paradigm shift for parents and teachers from one sided information dumping to one of collaborative sharing with a goal of enhancing and strengthening parent-teacher communication.
  • Provide opportunity for teachers to conduct appreciative inquiry in the classroom to engage students in activities to identify what is working well in the classroom and as a means of giving teachers feedback and insight from/about their students.

Ellen developed a series of one hour workshops to introduce the teachers to AI and begin their inquiry including face to face paired interviews to identify their strengths. They developed seven Provocative Propositions and many Life-Giving Forces. Two of the workshops were dedicated to using AI within the classroom and parent-teacher conferences. They worked towards shifting an old paradigm of how they share information in the context of a parent-teacher conference to a new paradigm of a strengths based, sharing of insights and experiences and celebration of who this special individual (the child) is as a whole person and what they bring to the world.

ELLEN REPORTS: This inquiry was a wonderful experience. My wish was to develop a way to support the principal, teachers, parents and children in finding a way to communicate with one another in a meaningful way and to create an experience where all involved could connect with the magic and wonder of learning and teaching. My wish was for every child to feel connected, valued and cared for in the home and at school for whom they are and what they bring to this world.

ELLEN’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: Teachers were asked to come back and share experiences at the close of each semester. Participants were asked to reflect on the process, share experiences and work with the principal to identify additional opportunities to engage parents in the process of developing new ways of gathering parental insight and participation in the school community. This project is ongoing for the next several semesters. Feedback and information will be collected and reviewed with the core team and those who are actively engaged in using Appreciative Inquiry as a means of communicating with parents for the next few years. I plan to capture stories and send inspirational quotes and reminders to the list serve via email every week.

ELLEN GRONDINE attended the AIFT at NECC in Massachusetts with Charles Miller and Jeanie Cockell as the Trainers/Facilitators.

REBECCA HECKMAN attended the AIFT in Walnut Creek, California. Rebecca worked with a church that wanted to discover ways to increase the number of active congregation members of all ages. The pastor already had knowledge of AI and was excited to bring this process to the rest of his congregation.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Two sessions were held with the pastor, three Board members and two members of the Committee for Growth. They conducted one-on-one Discovery interviews and then divided into two groups that answered questions and reported on the Summary Guide. Individuals told stories from the Discovery session, found shared themes, and reported out to the entire group. A list of shared themes was compiled and discussed. From these themes, each group created a visual image which were incredibly vibrant and life-affirming. They then came up with two Provocative Propositions:

  1. We are a loving, compassionate, healing ministry that welcomes all people to discover and celebrate the meaning and purpose of their lives.
  2. We invite our community to share with us in nourishing body, mind and spirit.
  3. They took the second proposition and decided to plan a Body, Mind and Spirit Festival for the entire community and had a goal attendance of 60 people.

REBECCA REPORTS: The initial Board and Committee retreats were engaging and exciting. Individuals on the team were deeply moved by the experience. The images remain on the church walls and people continue to discuss the rich spiritual values that the images represent. The Body, Mind and Spirit Festival was considered a success, and a few new people are attending church. Church members who participated in planning and implementing the festival reported that they felt part of something important and hoped the festival would become a regular event.

REBECCA’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: I remained ‘on call’ and I spoke frequently about how the planning process was moving forward and discussed how to keep everyone motivated. I sent thank you cards to the Planning Team and a note to the congregation half-way through the summer. As the current Reverend is leaving at the end of this year, I will offer an Appreciative Leadership Training Program to the new pastor and church leaders to help embed AI more deeply into their culture.

REBECCA HECKMAN attended the AIFT in Walnut Creek, California with Charles Miller as the Trainer/Facilitator.

OLEN JONES attended the AIFT in Palm Springs, California and went to work with an organization to assist with their Quarterly meetings, which were suspended in early 2008 due to changes the organization was experiencing.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Twelve employees attended the session along with 2 additional employees that called in from other locations. As the meeting began Olen introduced the 4D AI outline: Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver. Employees self-selected interview partners and used a questionnaire to stimulate employees’ memories about experiences that captured the “heart” of their Quarterly meetings. Due to the small number of employees participating interview partners reported back to the whole group and brainstormed together important aspects of their meetings.

The group then moved to the Design stage and began to develop the ideal schedule for the new meetings. The group was challenged to assume no constraints of time or money, and to focus on creating the best possible experience for employees. The group expressed a strong commitment to including out-of-state employees. They developed a rough outline for a day long meeting to include training, food, fun activities, team-building activities and inspirational speakers.

OLEN REPORTS: We only had two hours for the meeting, and I anticipated we would only be able to complete the Dream phase. The participants were energized by the process, and we were actually able to begin the Design phase. The process was energizing and engaging for the folks that participated. It was also a great introduction of AI to the Company. The ideas that were developed by this group were incorporated into an annual HR training day as it had became clear that similar motivations and ideas were at play.

OLEN’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: I will be scheduling another session with the AI group to complete the Design and Delivery portions of the process, and to see what kinds of Provocative Propositions will develop.

OLEN JONES attended the AIFT in Palm Springs, California with Rich Henry and Kina Mallard as the Trainers/Facilitators.

TOM KLAUS attended the AIFT in Houston, Texas and has used AI within many different organizations. One of these organizations was the Giving Circle of HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) of Northern Virginia. Tom worked with the six women who founded the Giving Circle of HOPE, who are referred to as the “Guiding Circle” to develop their topic of focus for the AI: Sustaining the Giving Circle of HOPE as a vital, healthy, and effective philanthropic organization.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Tom facilitated the AI with 30 people affiliated with the Giving Circle of HOPE in the allotted three hour time frame. They developed five Provocative Propositions:

  1. Leadership: The Giving Circle of HOPE actively identifies, supports, and develops leadership for the organization.
  2. Community: We are an outreach community of friends.
  3. Partnerships: We are the “go to” group in Northern Virginia to help the needy and those who serve them.
  4. Unmet Needs: We intentionally interact and network with other nonprofits and individuals to seek out needs in our community.
  5. Growth and Outreach: We want and welcome all who wish to get involved at any level of interest and comfort – one hour to unlimited time.

Through developing Strategic Intentions, the group was able to realize their next steps in identifying potential leadership to begin to bring into the Guiding Circle and members of the Giving Circle expressed appreciation for giving the whole a chance to provide direction for the future.

TOM REPORTS: The Guiding Circle, in its concern to sustain the Giving Circle as a vital, healthy, and effective philanthropic organization hoped the AI would give them clarity for the “next steps” for the organization and that it would help them identify potential leadership to begin to bring into the Guiding Circle. The Guiding Circle itself was energized by the process and did experience the clarity they needed as well as successfully identified emerging leaders. Members and affiliates of the Giving Circle were certainly energized by the experience. They expressed appreciation to the Guiding Circle for giving the whole a chance to provide direction for the future and for the opportunity to “step up” in leadership.

TOM’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: Immediately following the AI, I met with the Guiding Circle to help them “operationalize” the Provocative Propositions and strategic intentions that came out of the AI. I will be following up with them via email and phone to find out what happened at the quarterly meeting. In addition, I have offered to support them in whatever ways they’d find useful as they implement their plans.

TOM KLAUS attended the AIFT in Houston, Texas with Nancy Stetson and Lane Glenn as the Trainers/Facilitators.

LYNDA LLOYD, LI MOUNCE, AND MARY ODIMA attended the NWACC AIFT and facilitated their inquiry together with the positive topic of “Marvellous Morale” for a group involving diverse departments working together. They modified the Generic Interview Guide slightly to allow participants to identify individual core values and topics without biased suggestion or preference given during the interview process.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Linda, Li and Mary had only one and a half hour for their AI so they arranged for the face to face interviews to be done prior to the AI. They created notebooks for the attendees including anonymous summaries of each interview. They also included 20 Life-Giving Forces in the notebook and posted these on the walls during the AI session. The attendees were separated into four groups and created the Provocative Propositions and a shared visual image. These were shared amongst the large group and at the end participants were provided with a 3 x 5 index card and asked to write down a personal Provocative Statement for one of the Life Giving Forces and to commit to one action for the week that would support their Provocative Statement.

LYNDA REPORTS: The most recognizable impact was demonstrated in the attitude of the groups during and immediately following the AI as the division came together in a basic understanding of AI and the potential for positive growth. One group in particular demonstrated enthusiasm and engagement during the development of their shared image and provocative statements.

LI REPORTS: This AI summit was such a wonderful experience and a great way for me to grow as a person. My personal wish when we began this project was to raise everyone’s awareness about each other and give them a different understanding of the people they work with every day, but may not know on a personal basis. Watching each of these people interact with such ease made me feel as if I had done something very important in their lives. We wanted to help them experience AI, even for a short amount of time and the verbal feedback I received was so positive.

MARY REPORTS: The AI turned out to be quite interesting. I really enjoyed planning and presenting the AI. Going over the material again reinforced the great concepts that AI offers, especially a positive attitude. There were quite a few people within the group that really opened up to the idea and were enthusiastic about AI.

I believe my personal best is seen in the way I have been able to interact with people in a group setting. As with many people I know this can be a challenge, and because of the way I felt about AI and the desire to share it with others, I was able to easily get up and help facilitate this AI summit with Mary and Lynda.

LYNDA, LI, AND MARY’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: We prepared and sent a follow up email of thanks to the division for participation in the AI. We included the Life-Giving Forces and Provocative Statements in the email. We offered to facilitate individual departmental AIs and requested a second AI follow up session with the entire group.

LI, LYNDA AND MARY attended the NWACC AIFT with Charles Miller and Jeanie Cockell as the Trainers/Facilitators. They did not have permission from this organization to share their story so we have carefully left out some detail.

VICTORIA MACDONALD attended the AIFT in Walnut Creek, California. She worked with six Faith Community Nurses (formerly known as Parish Nurses). These six nurses came from six different denominations and faith communities. She was to develop the Mission and Vision statements for their new Health Ministries Association chapter: Health Ministry Network Contra Costa Chapter.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Victoria facilitated an initial meeting with the nurses so each would have the opportunity to meet and get to know one another, and to help identify the positive topic identified for the inquiry process. Following paired interviews; Victoria facilitated a discussion and assisted the nurses in listing their identified Life Giving Forces. The nurses then worked in pairs to describe in image and word, the clarifying elements necessary for the creation of a chapter mission statement. Then the three pairs presented their visual and word images to the larger group. From these presentations, a provocative proposition: “By coming together we create a synergistic system that provides support for our communities and one another.” This was used to build the chapter mission statement:

The Contra Costa Health Ministry Network MISSION STATEMENT:
We are representatives (both professional and lay) of many faith communities, working as a cohesive group to serve, support, equip, inspire, motivate, and minister to one another in order to serve our greater communities.

Then looking at the Mission Statement, the dialogue turned to a discussion of “how” this would be accomplished, which led to designing:
The Contra Costa Health Ministry Network VISION STATEMENT: Gathering together, regularly, we collaborate to nurture, support, inspire, educate, and empower one another, while sharing resources, processes and programs.

VICTORIA REPORTS: I learned to really trust the AI process. The nurses came alive with creativity and excitement and are even saving and framing their creations. This moment was my personal best experience, because I saw the power of this exercise: create the image and then let the image tell the word story (provocative proposition). Designing mission and vision statements just “flowed” after that.

VICTORIA’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: I have offered and recommended that a follow-up meeting be scheduled for the beginning of the New Year, so that each of the nurses can report their progress and successes. Each knows I can be contacted via my e-mail address listed on the back cover of individual workbooks I created for each participant.

VICTORIA MACDONALD attended the AIFT in Walnut Creek, California with Charles Miller as the Trainer/Facilitator.

Randal Joy Thompson attended the AIFT in Reno, NV and is working in Baghdad, Iraq on a US funded project to help rebuild the management capacity of Iraqi ministries and of the civil service at large. He facilitated an appreciative inquiry with 21 individuals from Directorates in Iraq including the International Cooperation Directorate, Directorate for Housing and Construction, Regional Planning, Agriculture, Communications, and Economic Planning.

FOR THE INQUIRY: Randal began his inquiry using the one-on-one interviews, then two-pair groupings and an overall discussion. They identified five topics of the inquiry:

  1. Productive Team Work
  2. Open and Effective Knowledge Sharing
  3. Taking a Stand Against Corruption
  4. Working with Clear Division of Responsibilities
  5. Clear and Responsible Time Management.

Randal tried to facilitate a rewording of the corruption topic into a more positive statement such as “Promoting Transparent and Accountable Practices” however the group felt Taking a Stand Against Corruption was a positive topic. Randal was flexible during the inquiry, as he had to change an activity due to not being able to procure the items in time and was able to identify another activity with the same effect. He also realized that within the translating process some words, such as “dream”, had different meaning and implication. They used “envision and imagination”. Randal had opportunities to assist the group with creating positive images as they visually represented their Provocative Propositions, since the group found it easier to draw negative images.

RANDAL REPORTS: The group has changed its attitude about their role in the organization and now feel more empowered to help initiate the team work which they envision as their ideal organization. I have met with the group regarding their desired training courses, which is the first time that they have had a voice in identifying training. The team working in the International Cooperation Directorate is working on clear job descriptions and taking control of dividing up responsibilities and working more collegially. My personal best experience was to experience the creativity and enthusiasm unleashed by the process and to see the group working together and building a sense of team.

RANDAL’S ON-GOING EFFORTS: I will help arrange a meeting between the participants, the Minister of Planning and the Director Generals to give a presentation by the participants regarding their Provocative Propositions and Strategic Intentions. I will meet with the participants regularly and expand participation in the Appreciative Inquiry by holding another session with more participants. I will help them celebrate by giving them each a watch which says “believe”, and by inviting them for lunch in our compound. I will continue to meet with them over the next year and facilitate their actions toward their visions.

RANDAL JOY THOMPSON attended the AIFT at Reno, Nevada with Charles Miller and Jeanie Cockell as the Trainers/Facilitators.


The Company of Experts.net is looking for experienced AI Facilitators. Requirements include completing the AIFT program and certification; consulting experience using AI; training experience; training and/or education in adult learning theory; and references. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.companyofexperts.net/experts.html


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Wishing you a terrific New Year filled with hope, health and happiness.

Editor, Words Create Worlds

Words Create Worlds ® – Sept to Dec 2008 Newsletter

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