Words Create Worlds ® – August 2009 Newsletter

Posted: August 9, 2009
Some things are just so great, you feel like shouting from the highest rooftop. That’s how I feel about the Post 9/11 GI Bill. This new GI Bill provides tuition and other financial assistance to those who serve on our behalf. What a way to honor our veterans’ by providing them the opportunity to learn a job skill or get a degree. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time. When the economy is down, people return to school. This GI Bill will make education a possibility for so many.  Veterans’ need support and mentoring and a college campus can be just that as they transition to civilian life as well as give them the foundation to be successful as we build toward our new economy.
Jim Pulliam, a former college president for a college serving a large military base, had the opportunity to work with men and women making a difference everyday. He has taught me so much about our men and women in uniform and for that I am so appreciative. Whenever he sees someone in uniform, or even if they have that “haircut” he will walk over to them, shake their hand and thank them for all that they do. A small way to pay tribute one person at a time – and something we can all do.  Try it -making someone happy by recognizing them will boost your happiness.
As a country we are doing the right thing, and I for one am filled to the brim with happiness.
Words Create Worlds ® – August 2009 Newsletter

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