AI vs. AI: There’s just no comparison.

Posted: May 24, 2023

AI helped me write this:

Reflect on something you have been or wish you could get fanatically focused on or in the creative flow with lately.

  • What is it like to feel that focused and or productive?
  • Can you identify what you need to stay in the creative flow?

Yes, AI helped me all right.

Appreciative Inquiry that is!

I am aware of the other AI and how it tries to mimic a human’s ability to write copy. But can it really write a true Appreciative Inquiry question? One that gives life and generates energy in both the interviewer and interviewee.

And if it could, why would one want to leverage artificial intelligence over having such a deeply human experience?

As an AI practitioner, facilitator, and trainer. I get so much out of writing my own questions. Thanks to the incredibly profound experience that I gained from taking the Appreciative Resilience Facilitator Training from Joan McArthur-Blair and Jeanie Cockell, I recently customized a series of needs assessment questions to help artists build resilience based on their ALIVE model (see their book, “Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education”). *

Two images, a green sprout growing in barren soil next to a person with outstretched arms standing on a mountain overlooking a blue lake.


What do you need to feel that your ideas and works of art are valued and appreciated? Do you get that from the creative process itself or from your audience?


What do you love most about your work and/or your creative process? What inspires you to keep going?


When you think of your creative process and needs, notice what is coming up for you. What questions can you ask to get the clarity you need?


If you get stuck in the process, what will you do brave the storm?

What will you do, or what strengths will you pull from, to get you back on track?


Where do you see your work going or taking you?

What do you need to inspire you to expand and be open to possibilities?

Paired with visual facilitation, this is a powerful tool for group and 1:1 coaching.

Visual artist Heather Martinez writing on a Venn diagram

I’m pretty sure artificial intelligence couldn’t do that! And if it could, why would anyone want to miss out on such a rich, lived experience?

There is simply no comparison.


What Next Step Might You Take?

To customize your facilitation questions to meet your clients’ needs and to learn more about how to get certified in Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Resilience, learn about the next Appreciative Resilience Facilitator Training (ARFT) in October 2023. 

Jeanie and Joan will offer a free series of Resilience Reset sessions in September.


Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education

Resilience Reset

Appreciative Resilience Facilitator Training (ARFT)

Heather Leavitt Martinez uses Appreciative Inquiry in all of her work—from meeting approach design, facilitating and coaching, to living out the principles in her everyday life. She teaches relevant, timely techniques to apply AI to tech hosting at and combines it with visuals in her course: “AI + Visuals: Meeting Approach Design” at the Center of Appreciative Inquiry. 

AI vs. AI: There’s just no comparison.

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