Appreciative Inquiry Commons – Design Jam

Posted: July 21, 2014

Interested in co-designing the next generation Appreciative Inquiry Commons Website? If so, please participate in Appreciative Inquiry Commons – Design Jam. Over the next three weeks (from Jul. 18 – Aug.9), you will collaborate alongside hundreds of other AI practitioners, managers, change agents, authors, students, and thought leaders, to engage in an Appreciative Inquiry process to co-design the Next Generation Appreciative Inquiry Commons.

In partnership with IdeaScale, a collective-design online platform, participants will post ideas and inspirations, vote on, comment on, and refine each other’s ideas, and help Discover, Dream, and Design the next generation AI Commons!

The AI Commons is looking to collect ideas and examples to spark thinking about the functionality, look and feel, content development, symbolism, interaction possibilities, and impact potentials of the next generation AI Commons. You must register to join in the discussion. Registration is free. To register, click here.

Appreciative Inquiry Commons – Design Jam

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