Frustration mounts for years. What could possibility-oriented dialogue offer?

Posted: May 24, 2012

More than 19 years since apartheid legislation was dismantled in South Africa, the dialogue in that country is one of increasing frustration, especially from the people who have given their lives for the democracy they now have.

Feelings are running high that a betrayal is happening, says resident Anastasia Bukashe.For herself and many others, there’s a recognition that it is time to honour and then build on this anger to create something new for the country.

At the core of this new conversation: South Africa’s identity in the larger context of the continent, which is a front and centre concern today, prompted by undercurrents in the country linked to the xenophobic attacks several years ago and increased refugee and immigrant populations.

While some are saying South Africa was supported by the continent during its own struggle, and that needs to be honoured now, others are angry about the opportunities “being stolen by these people coming in.”

“We need to have a different conversation about what it means to be in Africa, and what it means to be South African in Africa,” says Anastasia.

“What is the world calling for Africa to be, what are we calling for each other to be, and what are we witnessing in each other that makes that possible?”

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By: Michelle Strutzenberger, write for Axiom News

Frustration mounts for years. What could possibility-oriented dialogue offer?

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