Healing, wholeness and holy days

Posted: December 15, 2021

The festive season is a time of holidays and holy days. It’s noteworthy that the words “whole”, “holy” and “healing” share the same etymology – perhaps suggesting that to heal is to become whole, and in turn holy.

In Appreciative Inquiry we have the wholeness principle which says “wholeness brings out the best”.

Wholeness recognises the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all life: that what happens here also has an effect and impact there. That what happens to you, and matters to you, also matters to me.

Any healing process requires acknowledging and integrating all the different parts of the whole. Whether it is out there in the natural environment, within our diverse team at work or family group, or within our own complex psychology; integration means linking parts of the whole, while honouring their diverse uniqueness.

A heart drawn in the sand on a beachWhile this may be a lonely or difficult time for many, let’s put the “holy” back into “holiday” this season by focusing on healing and wholeness.

May these questions offer support:

What does it mean to me to be “whole”?

When, in the last year, have I felt most whole in body, heart, mind and spirit? When have I felt most connected to my community? What were the key contributing factors to that sense of wholeness?

When, during this pandemic, have I brought healing to myself, another or my environment?

What has brought me healing?

What gift of linking (diverse parts) will I give / receive this holiday season?

What do I hold as sacred / holy? How will I cherish this in a way that brings healing and wholeness?


Healing, wholeness and holy days

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