Leo Bormans on how to scale up positive change

Posted: May 24, 2012

Leo Bormans is a ‘man on a mission’. Full of humor and energy, he delivers a keynote on Saturday afternoon on how to put a megaphone on the positive message. How do we engage more and more people in generative conversations and change? How do we get the attention of politicians, business leaders, media… How do we get civilians involved?

Happier societies don’t just ‘happen’
Leo: “It is such an important issue. There is so much trouble and pain in the world, that we need to actively practice our optimism. To improve things. We are richer now than we ever were before, but we are not happier. So it doesn’t just happen by itself.’ He is dedicated to making a positive change, and to engage more and more people actively in creating happier societies and increase wellbeing. Because: “everyone can contribute.”

The paper wolf
Leo: ‘Engaging people in positive action doesn’t happen if you push them, or if you beg and plea… It requires a SWITCH. Make your message and your process Strong, Warm, Interactive, Transparent, Creative and use Hope and Humour…” Especially the latter is very important to him: “Media talk a lot about things that scare us. Feeding our fear. They are like a paper wolf, and we run like scared sheep. That really doesn’t help. We should also talk about what gives hope. And what makes us smile. And about what we CAN do. To breed our optimism.” Read Full Article>>

By: Saskia Tjepkema, posted on the 2012WAIC website on January 5, 2012

Leo Bormans on how to scale up positive change

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