Words Create Worlds ® – April 2009 Newsletter

Posted: April 22, 2009

Wow, Spring is here and for some parts of the country it still feels like Winter. The news, as I write this, is that the Denver area may get up to three feet of snow! Not to mention that we had snow this week in Las Vegas! But, the signs of Spring are all around us. We need Spring as it brings a regenerative newness. Springtime gives us the opportunity to touch the soil, see the blueness of the sky, and the green on the trees. This is Earth’s reminder, to appreciate the beauty and the warmth of living. The move for the Company, to Las Vegas, was two years in planning, yet with the events of this past year, this has felt like the worst of times to do anything but hunker down. This is the time for opportunity. It may take a bit more time, and a bit more work, but success will be sweet.

If you are of a certain age, remember when…..OMG, I cannot believe I am starting a paragraph this way, we always ate dinner at home – no going out. Telephones were on party lines and listening to your neighbor’s private conversations was a secret indulgence, milk was delivered as was the newspaper and the entire town watched Ed Sullivan.

Now, to stay connected, we have Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter just to name a few. My #1 granddaughter now follows me on Twitter and her first “Tweat” was  “figured my gma has a twitter – so I better get one too!!”. My friend Carole, who has been proud to say she stays away from technology, has changed so much in recently.  She now text messages to stay connected with her digital native, granddaughters and she is on Facebook to stay connected to her students. What an exciting time, no matter what time zone, you can feel connected to those you care about. It costs nothing or very little and is all at your fingertips.

Earth day is April 22th this year. Be kind to our planet, to yourself and to those around you. You deserve it. For me, I feel so fortunate, as a woman, to live in this time, in this county, and in this state. I have the opportunity to contribute, to make a difference, and to follow my dreams. We wish you a warm and loving Earth Day.


Words Create Worlds ® – April 2009 Newsletter

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