Words Create Worlds ® – February 2016 Newsletter

Posted: February 25, 2016

Last week, Jim Pulliam and I worked with an amazing team of dedicated employees who help incarcerated people to overcome societal stigmas, reduce recidivism, and thrive in the communities in which they live.

As we worked with this group, we heard inspiring stories from individuals who had reached out to community colleges and other services for their ‘second chance’. The underlying themes that surfaced in the stories shared included being heard, understood and valued. Jim and I always enjoy hearing stories of successes, and these were no exception – as they further fan the passion for our work.

The need for individuals who work to serve the greater good is in greater demand. Many of the conversations Jim and I have turn to the topics of Hope and Resilience. If Jim and I could take what we experienced last week on a larger scale – giving away the voice – allowing the opportunity for others to be heard. How would this improve our relationships and understandings with one another?

How does Appreciative Inquiry sharpen our focus on ‘wholeness’ and spark hope in negative, hope-striven environments? How can we, collectively, reframe the conversations in these environments to ones of love, compassion, and resilience?

Many of you are doing amazing work changing the conversations in schools, companies, industries and communities around the World. On the flight home, as I reflected on the past few days and imagined what might be the next steps, I listened to a podcast that I had previously downloaded and as it turns out it is about resilience, hope and building a better World. To listen to this podcast, please click here. It reminds me, that we are doing this great work at just the right time.

As always, we thank each of you for sharing your stories of success – seeking the high points to learn, adapt, and thrive – your stories always bring such light into our office and to our work. Please keep sending us your personal stories of success via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Words Create Worlds ® – February 2016 Newsletter

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