Words Create Worlds ® – September 2009 Newsletter

Posted: September 24, 2009

Wonder what can be done, if anything, to help our ailing educational system? New Expert on Call Ellen Grondine is building upon the strengths of the schools in her community! Ellen has used appreciative Inquiry with parents and teachers in an elementary school to develop strong collaborative relationships. Ellen is making a difference in her community.

Ellen worked with a school principal in a low to moderate income community. The principal had a concerned about the feedback he was getting from parents who had either observed or experienced a negative interaction with a teacher or staff member within the school. Many parents shared that they did not feel welcome. The principal also felt that his leadership team was lacking in direction and he found that more often than not discussion surrounding the internal work was negative and focused upon what was not working rather than looking at areas where things were working well. He was also keenly aware that the State mandated standardized testing was taking a toll on the creativity and freedom teachers had within the classroom and this was contributing to the negative environment. Learn more about Ellen’s inquiry and her follow up endeavors.

Ellen will be working with Lane Glenn as the co-trainer for the AIFT  from April 12 to 15, 2010 in Wye Mills, Maryland. Our host organization, Chesapeake College have big plans for AI on there campus!  Our typical training includes private sector and public sector employees, we often have at least one organization investing in a team, consultants and individuals and at least on international traveler.
Words Create Worlds ® – September 2009 Newsletter

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