Words Create Worlds ® – September 2015 Newsletter – Dedicated to Charles Miller

Posted: September 24, 2015

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we share with you the passing of Charles Miller. Charles was so much to so many of us. Charles was the co-founder, with Nancy Stetson, of the Company of Experts and the Center for Appreciative Inquiry. Together they mentored thousands of people around the globe in the art of Appreciative Inquiry.

Charles was my AI guide, mentor and coach. What stands out for me is that he was a learner who found great joy in sharing this passion with others. He worked on many trainings and consulting projects that touched the lives of thousands of people — those people are out in all parts of the World creating positive change.

His sudden passing has us in shock. Some of the reflections that we have heard over the past few days are: mentor, inspiration, coach, wisdom, deep spirit of life and energy, and that he always taught us through his actions that life is about relationships. Below is just but one example:

“Like a great many of the people whose lives Charles touched and affected in powerful ways, I first got to know him as a “student” of his, when I was a participant in one of the early Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Trainings in St. Louis nearly fifteen years ago.  The lessons I drew from that experience, and from the professional and personal relationship we developed afterward, have been some of the most important and meaningful in my life and career.  I learned to trust my optimistic instincts, and to believe in the process of appreciation and inquiry.  I learned to “look under the hood” at the mechanics of instructional design, in order to be a more effective teacher and facilitator.  I re-learned the importance of “wholeness,” and bringing everyone into the room.  And perhaps most importantly, with Charles I was always reminded about the value of seeing the world around us through eyes that wonder, and marvel at the abundance and beauty of it all.” ~ Lane Glenn, College President and Certified Ai Trainer

Charles is a good example of not just being the best in the World, but the best FOR the World. He will live on in the hearts of all the people he touched.


Words Create Worlds ® – September 2015 Newsletter – Dedicated to Charles Miller

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